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A row of high tables sits along a large window, stools surround each table. A cruise ship is in the background, at a dock. The sun shines brightly.

Venue Facilities

Sky Stadium is a smoke- and vape free venue. Smoking and vaping are only permitted:

  • Along each fence line on the inner plaza area between the turnstiles and the main doors into the concourse.
  • At the emergency exit spiral ramp at the northern end of the Stadium (between aisle 34 and 35). At selected events only. 

Sky Stadium has a public address system, big screens at each end of the field, and TV screens in the public areas of the Stadium that will be used to communicate in the event of an emergency – please listen and watch for further information. 

Follow the instructions of wardens and security staff at all times; they are trained in our emergency procedures. 

Emergency exits are located throughout the building. On arrival please familiarise yourself with your nearest exits and the best route to them. 

Sky Stadium has skilled Rapid Response teams who are trained to deal with all emergency situations. These teams will quickly respond to any incident, make an early assessment, and ensure an efficient and orderly evacuation if necessary.

The safety of our patrons is paramount. Please refer to our Stadium Emergency Preparedness document for more information to help you prepare for your visit.

From 1 October 2023, debit and credit cards are required to make payment at all food, beverage and merchandise outlets. You can read more about this here.

There is one Westpac ATM machine located at Aisle 16.

These are located next to Aisles 3, 12, 21, 30 (separate from main toilet blocks and are unisex).

If you require medical assistance please tell a member of staff or security, or text 5454 with your location, or go to the First Aid booth at Aisle 19, where a member of the Wellington Free Ambulance team can assist.

For sporting events, the usual merchandise outlets are located at Aisles 14 and 23. For concerts, the location of merchandise outlets may vary.

The main information desk is located at Aisle 18. Security help points are also located at Aisles 11 and 26. For contacting security whilst at an event you can use the discreet text service which is 5454.

The Wellington Regional Stadium Trust has a comprehensive Policy in place with regard to the use of drones, unmanned aerial vehicles and remote piloted aircraft on or above Sky Stadium and adjoining areas.  

WRST does not permit the use of this equipment on or above Sky Stadium property at any time, without the express written consent from the Stadium Health & Safety Manager. Sky Stadium property includes the Fran Wilde Walkway from the Wellington Railway Station to the Stadium, the Waterloo Quay overbridge, the Stadium car parks, inside and around the Stadium building and perimeter.

To enquire about the use of this equipment in these areas and to receive a copy of the Policy, please email [email protected] with full details of your request.