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Sky Stadium Members Club Terms & Conditions

The applicant applies for membership of the Sky Stadium Members Club on the following terms:

1. The applicant acknowledges having read and accepted all the terms and conditions contained in the Offer of Membership ("the Offer") and the Membership Rules ("the Rules") as amended from time to time and agrees to be bound by them. 

2. The applicant agrees to pay the balance (if applicable) of the purchase price for the membership(s) on the dates and in the manner provided for in the Offer.

3. Where the annual or upfront payment option is selected, and payment is made by debit / credit card, additional payment processing fees of 2.3% will apply.

4. The applicant acknowledges that the application will not bind the applicant and the Wellington Regional Stadium Trust (“the Trust”) until it is accepted in writing by the Trust and the booking fee has been paid in full.

5. The applicant acknowledges that personal information provided to or collected or obtained by the Trust, whether in this application or otherwise, may be held, used or disclosed by the Trust for the following purposes:

  • to enable this application to be processed; 
  • processing any communications with the applicant; 
  • administration of the applicant's membership; 
  • conducting surveys and internal research for purposes associated with membership of the Members Club; 
  • to comply with all statutory and legal requirements;
  • any other purpose reasonably connected with the Sky Stadium or which the Trust believes is in the interests of members; and
  • the applicant consents to the use of his/her/its personal information for any of the above purposes. The applicant has the right under the Privacy Act 2020 to obtain access to and request correction of all personal information held by the Trust concerning the applicant. 

6. The Trust reserves the right to accept or decline any application. 

7. Excludes Internationally Significant Events, as outlined in the Rules.

Please refer to the Sky Stadium Members Club membership rules for further information.