Sky Stadium Members Club FAQ

What member benefits am I entitled to? 

  • Entry to all sporting events at Sky Stadium*.
  • Choose a permanent reserved seat in the Stadium bowl for all sporting events.
  • Admission to the Basin Reserve for cricket events without charge*. Admission to the RA Vance Stand and the Longroom without charge for cricket events, subject to seating capacity and availability*. Dress code applies.
  • Enjoy reciprocal rights benefits at other stadia around New Zealand and Australia (subject to change).
  • Transfer your Member's card to someone else for an event.
  • Access to the Members’ Facilities during opening hours on event days^. Dress code applies.
  • Option to purchase a guest package for selected events (when available).
  • Purchase a casual event day guest pass (when available) to invite guests into the Members’ Facilities (entry ticket to be purchased separately per event).
  • Priority booking rights for non-sporting events and Internationally Significant Events when made available at the discretion of the event promoter**.

* With the exception of internationally significant events (as defined in the Membership Rules).

^ The Trust reserves the right in its absolute discretion to alter, vary, reduce or increase any of the Members’ Facilities, whether permanently or temporarily, and will use all reasonable efforts to notify Members of such changes to the Members’ Facilities.

** Details of any priority booking offers will be advised in advance via email or letter update, including the number of tickets that may be purchased per Member.

What is my membership card for?

Your membership card allows you to enter the Stadium via the Members' entrance on event days:

  • Members must wear their cards visibly at all times when in the Member lounges.
  • Members must keep the Sky Stadium printed lanyard attached to the membership card at all times while in the Stadium grounds.  It is not permitted for Members to replace the lanyard with their own lanyard.
  • From time to time you may be asked to present your card to check its validity. We ask for your cooperation with these random checks.
  • If you lend your card to someone for an event, it is important that they return it to you afterwards.

Please report lost cards to the Member & Corporate Box Manager. Replacement cards take up to two weeks and are at the cost of the member. For replacement fees, please enquire

How do I bring a guest?

Where possible, we will offer Members the opportunity to bring guests to sporting events at the Stadium. However, to ensure everyone's safety and comfort the number of guest packages available will usually be limited (one per membership held, subject to availability). Guest Passes can be purchased either in advance from the Stadium Reception or on match day from gates opening until the event start from the Members Helpdesk, Level 1 of the Corporate Foyer (just left of the escalators). Guests need an entry ticket purchased from the ticketing provider for the specific event.

For larger events, hospitality may be available for Members' guests. The cost of guest packages will vary from event to event, and will be advised in our regular email communications.

Please remember that it is the responsibility of Members to ensure that their guests are aware of the lounge dress code and behaviour standards. Please note that guests require their own event ticket for entry to the Stadium when guest passes are available for Members to purchase.

How do I book formal dining?

Members have the option to book formal dining in one of our Level 4 Member lounges. Sales periods differ by event, so please refer to the regular Member email communications for further information. Reservations are essential, and diners will usually be seated at tables of 10.

Do we get priority booking rights?

Priority booking rights for concerts and other non-scheduled events are made available at the discretion of the event promoter. Details of any priority booking offer will be advised in advance, in most circumstances via email, along with any restrictions on the number of tickets that may be purchased.

Entry to the Basin Reserve

Members are entitled to attend all test and domestic cricket matches held at the Basin Reserve, excluding Internationally Signficant Events. For most events, simply scan your card at the entry gates. A link to larger events (eg visiting teams such as Australia, England and India) may be provided in advance so that Members can confirm their intention to attend. Members may also sit in the RA Vance Stand and access the Longroom on presentation of their membership cards, subject to capacity and availability. A dress code applies in the Longroom.

Lending membership cards

Members may lend their membership card and associated benefits to others for an event. A disabled Member who lends their membership to a non-disabled person, or vice versa, must let the Membership Manager know at least three days before the event so that suitable seating can be arranged.

Kendall Forbes, Member & Corporate Box Manager
Telephone: 04 470 0416
Email: [email protected] 

Members are also required to ensure anyone who temporarily uses their membership rights and privileges is informed of the dress code and behaviour requirements.

Booking an annual event day car park

Stadium Members may purchase an annual event day car park at the Stadium at a cost of $350 incl. GST (subject to change). All spaces in the mezzanine and public car parks are unassigned and are available on a first come first served basis, although the number of passes issued will not exceed the number of spaces in either car park. To book, please contact Stadium Reception (04 473 3881) or send us an email.

Casual event car parks

Stadium Members may pre-purchase car parks for sporting events at a discounted price of $27. The pass can be mailed (if purchased at least 7 working days before the event) or may be collected from the Stadium Trust offices during normal business hours up until the day before the event. To book, please contact Stadium Reception (04 473 3881) or email [email protected]. For some events an online link will be provided.

Changing reserved seats

There is scope for Members to change seats. Please contact the Stadium Membership Manager. The best time to move seats is at the start of a calendar year with notice provided before new Membership Cards are produced.

Selling a membership

Memberships can be sold, inherited and otherwise transferred to new owners. Any decision to transfer a membership is one for the owner.

A Member wishing to transfer a membership must first notify the Membership Manager in writing. The Membership Transfer Notice must be completed by both the transferor and the transferee before assignment of the membership can take place. There is a cost to issue new membership cards.  The Member must deliver their original membership cards to the Membership Manager before the transfer request is accepted.

Members may lend their membership card and associated benefits to others for an event. A disabled Member who lends their membership to a non-disabled person, or vice versa, must let the Membership Manager know at least three working days before the event so that suitable seating can be arranged.

Children in the Members Lounges

For most events, children under four years are admitted free into the Stadium and Members Club lounges if they sit on the accompanying adult's lap. Children aged 4 to 16 must wear a valid membership card or lounge pass accreditation. All children under 16 must be supervised by an accompanying adult and should not be allowed to disturb Members' enjoyment of their facilities.

Reciprocal rights to other venues

Members have the option to access member areas and purchase event packages for Eden Park (Auckland), Forsyth Barr Stadium (Dunedin), Stadium Australia (Sydney) and The Gabba (Brisbane) throughout the year. We have also secured rights to purchase hospitality packages at the Wellington Racing Club (Trentham).

Please read this information on how to book reciprocal tickets and packages at:

Or contact [email protected] for additional information.

Behaviour in the Members Club

Members are required to abide by the Stadium Conditions of Entry and maintain a standard of behaviour that reflects well on the Members Club, and to respect others' enjoyment of events. 

Please remember that it is the member's responsibility to ensure that their guest/s are aware of the lounge dress code and behaviour standards - this includes when a member has provided their Membership Card to a guest to enjoy the event in their absence as well as when a guest pass is purchased. Please also remember that in the case of guest passes being purchased, guests require their own event ticket for entry to the Stadium unless an inclusive hospitality package has been purchased.

Members who behave offensively will not be admitted, or will be required to leave if they are in the Stadium. Members who are concerned about the behaviour of others should advise a Stadium staff member and if necessary, request assistance. A discreet way to advise security is by using our text number 5454.

Food & Beverages

  • Delaware North (the Stadium caterer) has sole rights to supply food and beverages in the Members Club areas.
  • Any drinks taken outside the lounges must be in plastic cups, as no glass or cans are allowed in the bowl or onto the outdoor balconies.
  • Plated meals and cutlery are permitted to be taken from one Member lounge to another providing the member does not take them outside into the bowl, outdoor balconies, or other public areas outside of the Member facilities.

Dress code in the Members Club

Dress Standards

There is an expected standard of dress which applies to all members and their guests when in the Member Lounges. The minimum standard is tidy casual. 

Please avoid the following: 

  • Ripped, frayed or torn clothing.
  • Jandals/flip-flops, slippers, UGG boots, gumboots or bare feet.
  • “Stubbie” style shorts or sports shorts, inappropriate length shorts, skirts or dresses.
  • Swim or beachwear, including board shorts.
  • Tracksuits or work overalls.
  • Peaked caps or beanies.
  • Sleeveless singlets or tank tops.

Please note: Sandals, which have straps that secure at the ankle, are acceptable. 

All clothing must be tidy and presentable. Members and their guests may be denied entry to the Member Lounges if they do not meet these requirements. Dress code also applies for the Longroom at the Basin Reserve.