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Your guide to food and drink at the Hurricanes v Blues game this Saturday!

There are plenty of tasty options for everyone to enjoy at Sky Stadium on Saturday. Take a look at what’s on offer at the game:

Specials deals

  • Grab a pie for $2 from the Pie Cart at Aisle 13 (limited to 750 pies, max 4 per customer).
  • Head to the Kombo Kitchen at Aisle 30 for family friendly combo options including a cheeseburger, fish bites, Italian meatball skewers or butter chicken skewers. All combos are $14.50 and come with fries and a soft drink or beer.

Food options

There are a variety of options on the Inner Plaza and around the concourse to satisfy your tastebuds including:

  • Muchos nachos & Spud Face double-baked potatoes (opposite Aisle 15)
  • Fritz Weiners (Inner Plaza, Aisle 17)
  • Fish & chips, calamari & chips, fish burger (The Galley at Aisle 19)
  • Dumplings (opposite Aisle 23)
  • Donuts (Inner plaza, Aisle 12, Aisle 25 or roaming sellers)
  • Swiss cheese burger, Moroccan chicken burger, pies (Aisle 24)
  • Fried chicken burger, vietnamese chicken, popcorn chicken (Aisle 27)

The Mezzanine Bar (up the stairs opposite Aisle 27) will also be fully stocked with a range of food and beverage options such as nachos, tacos and buffalo wings.

Drink options

There are bars located throughout the Stadium so no matter where you are seated, your nearest outlet won’t be far away. If you are after something a bit more specific, head to the Mezzanine Bar (upstairs opposite Aisle 27) or the Pavilion Bar (opposite Aisle 16) as they offer a larger range of beverages.

There will also be 3 dedicated bars at Aisle 14, 22 and 32 which will be pouring Fortune Favours craft beer. You can also get a cocktail from the cart opposite Aisle 24. If you need some caffeine, there are coffee carts at Aisle 12 and Aisle 32.

Click here for more information about the game.