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Your guide to food & drinks at the BLACKCAPS v India T20 on Friday

The BLACKCAPS will be taking on India in a T20 on Friday at 8pm and to make sure you don't go hungry or thirsty, we have put together a guide of what is offer at the game:


  • The Indian Food Bazaar is back for another year and is located between Aisle 27-28. Here you will be able to get samosas, onion bhaji, curries, chicken biryani, mango lassi and more! 
  • Fritz Weiners will be out on the Inner Plaza and at AIsle 26.
  • Mucho Nachos will be served at Aisle 14. You can choose from vegetarian or beef. 
  • Delicious dumplings are on offer again and will be available from Aisle 23. 
  • Spudface is at Aisle 24 and has 3 options - bacon and cheese, beef bolognase and cauliflower.
  • If you are after something a little sweet, donuts will be served on the Inner Plaza, Aisle 13 and Aisle 25. You can also get Corrello Gelato at Aisle 29 or Zelati icecream from the Inner Plaza.


  • In addition to the normal bars open around the concourse, there is a Monteiths Pop Up Bar at Aisle 14 and a Cocktail Bar at Aisle 24.
  • If you need a caffeine fix, there are two barista coffee carts around the Stadium at Aisle 12 and Aisle 32. Coffee is a popular choice so please be patient as it takes time to make each coffee fresh.
  • Patrons are more than welcome to bring an empty or sealed bottle no bigger than 1L into the Stadium. Water fountains are also located at Aisle 2,6, 9, 11, 23, 25, 28 and 32.

You can also pop up the Mezzanine Bar and the Pavilion Bar for a wider selection of wine, craft beer and other food options. 

Click here for all the game details and to get your ticket! Enjoy the game and go the BLACKCAPS!