My Vaccine Pass to come into effect at Sky Stadium from 3 December 2021


With the introduction of the Covid-19 Protection Framework from 3 December 2021, only those people who hold a valid My Vaccine Pass will be able to access Sky Stadium.

Under the different Framework settings, the use of vaccine passes allows Sky Stadium to operate under the orange and green settings with no limits on gatherings.

The Government has confirmed that vaccinations will be mandatory for all persons at a workplace where vaccine passes are required under the Covid-19 Protection Framework. The mandate includes the events and hospitality sectors, and therefore the most significant activities of our organisation.

To enable our business to operate to its full extent and to protect our staff and patrons, Wellington Regional Stadium Trust (WRST) will require proof of vaccination by way of a My Vaccine Pass, to access Sky Stadium. Anyone over the age of 12 years and three months visiting the Stadium, no matter the capacity, will be asked to present their My Vaccine Pass on arrival for verification. This includes those who are exempted.  

All visitors are also asked to continue to scan into the venue on arrival using the Covid-19 QR code for contact tracing purposes if required. There are over 500 QR codes located around the venue. Mask wearing is encouraged when moving about the venue or when in confined spaces e.g. lifts.

The Trust will continue to maintain appropriate measures at Sky Stadium to further minimise the risks associated with Covid-19. The Trust will endeavour to maintain best practice regarding these measures as they continue to evolve. We will always be guided by Government and public health advice and comply with any new legislation.

Read our full Covid-19 Protection Framework Policy here.